Do the current activities bring desired result? How to improve the strategy for maximizing profits? Thanks to ABATON consulting you will get tailor-made set of analyses and activities which actually lead to the goal and strengthen the performance of the company!

Detailed data on market and perfect knowledge of customers allow to build an effective business strategy. Eliminate unnecessary activities and concentrate on the essentials, invest effectively. Define correctly relationship to competition, innovative activities and pricing policy. With ABATON consulting you can apply methods that are successfully proven in more than 7,000 companies from around the world! Step toward higher profits!

Arrange a free consultation over the selection of the most beneficial project for your business:

Sales and Marketing:

  • Creating business strategy of the company or its divisions
  • Tactical solutions to individual campaigns
  • Marketing and creative campaigns including the establishing of Marketing and Channel Mix
  • Brand Creation and Management
  • Parameterization and implementation of 4th generation of CRM - measuring customer value
  • Marketing of products
  • Portfolio Management
  • Optimization of commercial structures
  • Process and Project Management
  • Effective focusing on target groups
  • Marketing research

Human capital management:

  • Recruitment including behavioural interviews
  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Audit and optimization of HR processes
  • Personnel audit
  • Evaluation of jobs
  • Advising on remuneration and motivation
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Model of job functions and competency matrix
  • On job development