Data Mining

Do you know your customers in detail? Do you know what is attractive for them today, and by what they will be motivated in the future? Extensive database, which we will obtain from the market for you, will lead you.

We will map out shopping and consumer behaviour of individual segments of your clientele. We will determine the main determinants of decision-making and especially reveal which customers are the most promising and bring you the most profit. We are not soothsayers. We work with the hard data. We use research and analytical methods which are tried and tested in many successful companies worldwide.

Only thorough knowledge of the current and future needs of customers can move your business forward. Thanks to ABATON consulting you will get a guide how to choose the right activities for investment and how to reach customers most efficiently.

Arrange a free consultation over the selection of the most beneficial project for your business:

  • Qualitative research - description of the shopping behaviour of your clients / consumers
  • Customer Insight – in-depth description and typology of your clients / consumers
  • The perception of the brand - the current brand perception by customer and definition of areas for the coveted shift in the competitive field
  • Mysthery shopping - qualitative feedback about the real impact of your campaigns in the given segment
  • Quantitative research - distribution of frequency of responses and their connections in a given sample
  • Segmentation Analysis - analysis of the most profitable groups of your clients
  • Portfolio management - multi-criterial quantitative evaluation of product categories and products in them in terms of future market development